Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From the Archives at at queenteamx365 - March 11, 2008: Just because I'm not blogging about it...

..doesn't necessarily mean I'm not doing something! 

The King and I slipped away for 2 glorious days of skiing last week.  In Utah.  Where they have actual snow versus mere "vertical ice rinks."  That was last Sunday and Monday for me (3/2/ and 3/3).  The King is in better shape and actual skiied during a veritable blizzard on Tuesday as well (he later admitted that 8 degrees Fahrenheit with hurricane-strength winds had rendered it sort of a waste of money).  Happily, we had fabulous weather the day before, and jolly snowflakes intermittent with startling sunshine the day before that.  The Thursday before that trip, I had skiied some 6 hours or so up at Ober Gatlinburg.  There was a good snow fall (8 or 9 inches) so we just canceled school and hit the slopes!   I felt the burn that day, to be sure.  I was practically a cripple from the burn in Utah.  So, I've got a whole new resolve to get in shape.  The King promises to give me another shot at Utah if I can pull myself back together by next winter.

So, both yesterday and today, I snuck out of the house for 2 mile walks.  That's the distance to my mailbox and back.  I must say, I was moving kind of slow by the time I made it up the hill and back on the driveway both ways.  The secret is to turn the volume on your iPod to a level that camouflages the ragged sound of your breathing and the noisy beating of your heart.   Do that, and you can totally believe yourself to be young and slim again.  Throw in Alanis Morrisette, and you are guaranteed to burn off some hostilities. 

So strap on your iPods, grab your bottled water and whistle for the dog -- let's hit the slopes of Walland together.

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