Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From the archives at from Chronicles of a Family at Home - October 6, 2007: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Today, I did something I haven't done in 14.5 years.  I drove around the rim of Bryce Canyon with my hubby.  The first time, the King and I were honeymooning in Brian Head, Utah.  Freshly launched on our new life together.  This time, we had Baby in the backseat!  The big boys were in another family's van for the excursion -- a welcome relief after the longish drive from Park City , I'm ashamed to say.  Sadly, they evidently felt an equal volume of relief after 300 "stop thats" and 212 "don't touch him one more times" and about 114 of the ever-popular "don't wake the baby!"  But a couple hundred miles, 2 bags of chips, a shared chocolate bar, and 2 containers of cookies from Wild Oats (why don't we have Wild Oats in Blount County??),  we made it.

Bryce Canyon is truly breathtaking, and well-worth the drive.  Fall is a lovely time to visit Utah, so it is hard to keep your eyes on the road. 

Because we are flying by the seat of our collective pants (aka: not planning) and didn't actually know where we were going when we packed up to leave the condo this morning, we took a gamble on a motel for the night.  I don't think I've stayed in a motel vs. a hotel since my childhood.  Since things were mostly looking "full" or "sold out"on the King's handy dandy cellular internet connection, this afternoon, we had to book sight-unseen.   Thankfully, the gamble paid off, and we got a very clean room straight out of the 50s (I'm guessing), with orange and brown striped wallpaper in the bathroom, and actual KEYS!  (Not a cardkey.)  Not even one of those chains on the door!  But as I said, place is clean as a whistle and apparently a family enterprise which encompassed the last couple of generations and is still going strong.  Does the heart good to see such dedication. 

Best of all, it is supposed to snow tonight. 

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