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From the archives at for Chronicles of a Family at Home - July 12, 2007: Garrison's Tree

In July of 2005, an old, old friend put her pen to paper and documented the funeral of our precious baby Garrison, who was born dead on July 13th from a cord accident.  She put the resulting  poem in one of the local papers so we would see it there, dedicated to us.  I thought I should post it now, since this week marks the second year to have passed since the worst day of my life.  My husband planted a tree just before the service that would, in a sense, grow and live in his name -- a lovely magnolia in a beautiful place on the hillside behind my family home.  It marks his grave.  Thus the title:  "Garrison's Tree."

I'm going to turn off the comments feature, because I don't want to burden you with having to think up a response to such a sad thing.  But thank you for sharing this annual time of reflection with me.  When I read this poem, it is as though I'm looking at a video of the event.  And I haven't ever been able to hear Amazing Grace again without thinking of that time up on the grassy knoll.

A grassy knoll,
A small new tree,
A tiny mound of clay.
The mountain sends
It's warm embrace
To those who stand and pray.
Amazing Grace
In solemn tones
Drifts up to kiss the clouds.
Mourners sing
While Mother hugs
A boy who weeps aloud.
He never breathed
A breath of life
Outside his mother's womb.
He'll never break
His brothers' toys
Or sneak into their room.
But in the foothills
Of the Smokies
A little tree will grow.
So will the love
Of Mom and Dad --
And Garrison will know.
In sympathy,
From Karen Brackett
July 13, 2005

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